03 October 2011

The Revolutionary Years

Ray Guy II (web)For those who loved the first volume of Boulder Publication’s compilation of Ray Guy columns, make sure you get Ray Guy:  the Revolutionary Years.

The first volume ended in 1971 just at the tail end of Joe Smallwood’s reign.  This one picks up in 1971, carries through the tumult of Sally’s Cove and then rocks through the 1970s, Come by Chance, the Marystown Shipyard, offshore oil, Baie d’Espoir, the Lower Churchill, John Crosbie, fuddle duddle, Fintan Aylward, Ed Roberts and all.

Get it now at your local bookstore or order online from Boulder. It’s a better use for 20 bucks than another compilation of columns by a far less talented writer at least one of which was cribbed from the Globe and Mail.

- srbp -