01 October 2011

Traffic for Election Week 2 #nlvotes #nlpoli

Traffic patterns are information that can tell you something.

The most popular post in this second week of the election is about an alternative for Muskrat Falls.

The next most popular was about the Conservatives’ major campaign message in this election:  vote the right way or your grandchildren won’t know what pavement is, except in old movies. 

It should tell you something that Danny Williams at least slapped his candidates on the wrist when they mentioned the connection between voting and government money.  Kathy Dunderdale, by contrast,  is slapping candidates on the back.

The third most popular post is about the same subject, in this case Tom Rideout’s warning that the Conservatives will likely pay a price for their orgy of pork-barrelling in the run-up to the election.

The fourth one is also about Muskrat and the option the provincial government and Nalcor didn’t bother to explore.

The rest are about the debate and a bit about the campaign.

Take what you will out of that, but there is something in the fact that traffic here is on the swing up steadily and the four top stories are what they are. 

  1. Classical gas
  2. Keith Russell:  Panic!
  3. Whodathunkit?
  4. My work here is done
  5. The Twitter Conundrum
  6. Do Debates Matter?
  7. Taking your brain out of neutral
  8. It’s unanimous:  more of the same
  9. The Petroleum Trigger Point
  10. Disconnect

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