12 October 2011

Here’s what an opposition party looks like #nlpoli

The Conservatives won’t open the House of Assembly until the spring.

Former Tory Premier Tom Rideout thinks it’s a bad idea, according to CBC:

"The government is an incumbent government. It has plenty of legislation on the books and ready, I'm sure, for the legislature. I think it's a sign that in Danny's case and, again, unfortunately in Kathy's case, that they're not house of assembly people," said Rideout.

Rideout said he loved life in the house of assembly, but he said Dunderdale and Williams see it as a "necessary evil."

CBC quotes NDP leader Lorraine Michael in their story online:

“I think its irresponsible. You know, Danny Williams did the same thing in 2007 and I just see Kathy Dunderdale carrying on the same arrogant way of dealing with opposition in the house," she said Tuesday, after the NDP won five districts in the provincial election.

That’s what an opposition party should sound like.

- srbp -