23 April 2005

D'oh! D'oh! D'oh! for Tommy O.


As if John Efford hasn't had enough communications gaffes, cock-ups, shag-ups and outright blunders in the past few months, now his health is part of the same litany of Homer Simpson moments.

Those are the ones where you look at the news story and go "D'oh!" cause you can just see the predictable bad results from...well...the sort of obvious, simple thing even a beginner public relations person wouldn't do on their worst day.

Like Efford's comments yesterday that he may not run in the next election due to health. David Cochrane is one of the best reporters in the province. He doesn't screw up big stories like this one. If Cochrane said it, then it's an accurate paraphrase of Efford.

So why in the hell is Efford's ersatz communications director quoted by the company he once worked for, claiming that everything is hunky-dory and that John has no plans to retire? Here's the link to comments by Tom Ormsby, once known to thousands as Tommy O, saying Efford is not quitting and he has no plans to retire from politics. I am seeing Kevin Bacon in the scene from Animal House where, in the midst of the riot, he is encouraging calm.

This isn't just a matter of semantics, Tommy. This is a flat out denial on your part of comments the Minister made directly to a reporter. Got anything on tape to back up your contention?

Meanwhile, the story Cochrane had last night was that the Minister was consulting with his doctors and would follow their advice. Having worked with John myself, I can tell you the rest of the stuff in Cochrane's piece, including the lead, came out of John's mouth as surely as the take-it-or-leave-it thing he now denies.

Denials like that one would be fine if there wasn't enough other evidence on the ground to make a mockery of Tommy's instance that all is well. John has been talking about his poor health for months. He has been complaining to anyone and everyone, including Doug Letto in his piece last year, about the pressures and demands Efford's lifestyle is placing on him.

There's no secret John is not doing well with his diabetes and the stresses of his job.

The fact that he is in St. John's this week instead of being in Ottawa is proof enough he is having a rough time of it. Res ipsa loquitor, Tommy. The facts speak for themselves.

Denials at this point are bullshit.

So why would deny it, Tommy?

It's like Stephen Harper trying to deny he doesn't have his campaign bus waiting and all painted up or that candidate initiation...er...selection hasn't started yet.