22 April 2005

Speaker Hodder: you have two, two last chances

The biggest story of the crab protest in the House is the Speaker's complete inability to do his job effectively. The disorder in the galleries matches the disorder he allows to reign on the floor of the Assembly.

In his windy decision on the points of order over House security Speaker Harvey Hodder reveals a number of interesting things. See the Hansard for 21 April. Here's the link.

This one is a quickie.

1. Speaker Hodder mentions other jurisdictions and their security requirements and fails to mention why they are relevant. They aren't.

2. Speaker Hodder acknowledges the conflict between government and the House over control of access. Penetrating insight into the obvious.

3. Speaker Hodder then pats himself on the back, saying nothing was done improperly.

4. In the best evidence yet that Harvey Hodder is in fact the missing Cardinal Fang from Python's Spanish Inquisition sketch , he gives the people in the gallery the same one last chance to stay quiet he has given them ever single day for the past week or so.

Just before they put 'er up and Harvey closed the House.

Here's what Harvey ignored in order to whitewash himself and the Premier:

1. The Speaker has duty to secure the House and maintain order to allow the House to function properly. Being in Day Eight of disruptions is prima facie evidence of his failure.

2. By failing to advise the House of a security decision in a timely way he violated their rights.

3. By sanctioning the Premier's action,s he has given license to the government to seize control of access to the legislature at any juncture.

4. He mentions entering into an agreement on jurisdiction with the government. Too little too late.

5. The House continues each day to be a disorderly mess on the floor itself.

It is time for the Speaker to vacate the chair.