27 April 2005

It ain't over 'til it's over

Disneyland on the Rideau continues to produce high quality entertainment, complete with various cartoonish characters.

The deal with the NDP to help pass the budget is just one of the many things we can expect to see coming from Ottawa in the political climate in the House of Commons. The climate is largely created by Stephen Harper, who appears more interested in pushing the idea of an election(maybe to divert attention from his internal policy shortcomings) rather than making the House work. His comments in the Globe today were made on a "campaign-style" swing through Ontario.

This continues despite yet another poll showing Canadians overwhelming want two things:

1. No election.

2. The Gomery report in their hot little hands before anyone heads to the polls.

So except for Stephen Harper and the dweeb who wrote yesterday's CanWest story in the Telly. The dweeb is a dweeb because he looked at a poll in which the Conservative climb in the polls flattened out, in which Canadians said the same thing Paul martin said in his speech and concluded, not what the poll said (see above) but:

1. The Liberals had stalled.

2. The Prime Minister's speech had no effect on anything.

I take it the story originated in the National Lampoon. And then they wonder why their circulation is dropping through the floor.