07 April 2005

Who'd waste the ammo?

Bullets are expensive these days.

That's why this little news story looks more like headline grabbing sensationalism than a serious decision taken based on a thorough threat assessment.

With the exception of Martin Sheen, who did a little ad for Paul Watson's crowd, pretty well every "celebrity" I have seen working the PETA/IFAW circuit lately has been a has-been more likely to turn up on some abysmal cable-tv reality show than in a movie anyone has paid money to see.

Like Elizabeth Berkley. Without exception, the movies listed on her IMDB entry are ones I have never seen and will never see because, to put it bluntly, they suck. Liz may be busier than the guy who played Screech, but I bet he has a steady paycheque that doesn't involve boring audiences to death.

As for Anna Nicole Smith from the link above, I would have pitched the story as an environmental one. Out of fear that a stray bullet at the ice flows would release industrial quantities of silicone, Anna is staying away so she doesn't harm the cuddly baby seals.

More plausible, for one thing.

I am starting to think that the people who book acts for Mile One use the same agency that finds celebs for Paul Watson.

Look guys, Frank Gorshin is still available.

As is Charles Napier.

ditto Expendible Crewman Number 3 from "Space Seed".

And Tiffani Thiessen.

Oh wait.

Maybe not: check out the picture gallery. Is that a real fur barely covering her ample and perchance artificially enhanced assets?

At least Tiff is a "Saved by the bell" alumna with her own website.