06 September 2009

Forward not backward!

We’ve had Rip-Off Ron, the mayoral candidate who likes to lift other people’s campaign slogans.

Now, we have a deputy mayor who makes the perfect match on more than their shared history of using public money to fund the private sector;  on that last one think the Wells-Coombs Memorial Money Pit, then recall Ellsworth thinks it is acceptable to sink taxpayers cash into money losers because local businesses can make huge bucks.

Now we can look forward with Kang …errr… Coombs.

And always twirling, twirling, twirling…

Originality in local politics is evidently at a premium.



Anonymous said...

This from the genius who was shitting on the Dippers' Harris last federal election for saying that housing was a major issue in St. John's.

If anyone's looking for Newfoundland's Nostradamus, keep looking. Ed ain't it.

Edward G. Hollett said...

Wow, Anonyslagger, at least you could get the comment right if you are going to try and be a wit:

What I said was: "Good choice but hardly likely to be the top-of-mind issue for voters in the riding, including Jack's own supporters."

I stand by it. Housing is an important issue but not the one most on the minds of Harris' voters. If you can prove differently go right ahead.

Anonymous said...

Tell that to students, the povery stricken, and the working-poor. I think you are on the record already saying that all of these folks are stupid and don't matter to Siobahn Coady's camp anyway.

Edward G. Hollett said...

Are you in some sort of competition for anonyturd of the decade so now you have to make things up as part of your anonymous smear efforts?

I've said no such thing either on its own or in relation to Coady.

Rather than "think" try coming up with anything that even vaguely suggests that.

besides, if you go back and look at what I actually said - instead of what you are inv enting, you'll see I referred to top of mind. That means that while it might be an issue it isn't what will drive voters.

Again, if you've got evidence that harris was elected by a whole raft of people most concerned about housing, by all means show it.

Of course, we both know you won't provide anything of the sort because that isn't your purpose, is it?

Evidently some small minds out there are getting desperate.

Dale Kirby said...

Has any politician ever been "elected by a whole raft of people most concerned about housing"?

I doubt anyone is making that point.

As you know Ed, you said that "affordable housing" is/was "hardly likely to be the top-of-mind issue for voters in [St. John's East], including Jack's own supporters".

Seems that depends on who the voters are.

Last week, the provincial student federation sent out a press release expressing concern about housing problems in the city.

To say nothing of the uproar over recent property assessments in St. John's.

Edward G. Hollett said...

So are you saying, Dale, that Jack's supporters were all thinking foremostly of housing issues when they voted for him last year?

Dale Kirby said...

I'm suggesting that housing is indeed a top-of-mind issue for voters in St. John's, and that Jack's observation last year was a prescient one.

Edward G. Hollett said...

So housing was the most important vote-determining issue for St. John's East voters last year according to you.

Interesting idea.

How many people mentioned it in polls I wonder?

How many people mention it these days?

Dale Kirby said...

I don't know the answer to those questions, nor did I say that housing was/is "the most important vote-determining issue".

You said that.

You also said it was/is "hardly likely to be the top-of-mind issue for voters".

By all accounts, unless you have evidence to the contrary, you were/are off-base on both accounts.

Edward G. Hollett said...

Hang on a second, Dale.

If the issue was top of kind then it would - by the way I meant it - be the kind of issue that drove votes.

You are saying that it is one people are aware of and that it is at the top of their mind when they think of election issues and that it drove votes?

Or that they are aware of it as a major issue but that it didn't drive votes?

I am not sure if I am wrong by being consistent but you seem to be saying two inherently contradictory things.

Dale Kirby said...

I said it was off-base to say that "affordable housing" is/was "hardly likely to be the top-of-mind issue for voters in [St. John's East], including Jack's own supporters".

You disagree.

That's fine.

If you know what specific issue "drove votes", I'm interested to hear.

Anonymous said...

Candidate credibility had a lot to do with in St. John's last time.

That can be said for St. John's South & Mount Pearl which had two credible candidates. Next time St. John's South & Mount Pearl will have one credible candidate.

Hopefully that candidate, Ryan Cleary, will defeat the candidate who voted for Harper's budget - which included a change to equalization that will take $1.6 billion from Newfoundland and Labrador over the next 3 years.

I voted for Siobhan Coady last time but we won't get fooled again.

Edward G. Hollett said...

Semantic distinctions are always such convincing arguments, Dale.

I just want to make sure we have your contention right. I know what my contention was.

Are you suggesting that people trooped to the polls to vote for Jack because affordable housing was more improtant to them than say...ohh...lemme think...the tanking economy, the fact they disliked Harper, the lack of credibility of the Liberal candidate and maybe, just maybe the fact their Tory boss was pushing his old law partner?

None of those was as important an issue as affordable housing.

Am I reading you correctly?

Edward G. Hollett said...

If credibility matters to you 2105, it's nice to know you are planning to vote for a guy who left his job because he wanted to spend more time with his family but who less than a week later decided he really wanted to live in Ottawa and work at a job where he'd see less of his kids than he would in the job he left.

I think your definition of credibility and the one everyone else uses are wildly different.

Anonymous said...

At least Ryan Cleary hasn't cost us any money at this point. I'll change my vote back when the Liberals give back what they helped Harper plunder from us.

Edward G. Hollett said...

I think I'll have to start labelling posts like yours astroturf, 2104.

They are all anonymous and all follow a fairly well defined script.

Pray tell what exactly did Harper plunder from us he asked expecting to soon understand how Bill Maher feels about 9/11 truthers?

nadetic said...

What did Harper "plunder" from "us"?

Right. Equalization money that only ever existed on paper.

So we are mad at Harper for not giving us the equalization that we didn't want anyway.

OK, carry on.