11 September 2009

From the rumour mill: electricity stuff you hear around town

A compendium of the stuff ordinary people have been saying. 

Could be true.

Could be complete bullshit.

1.   NALCO will have to do a major re-write on its Lower Churchill project to correct deficiencies.  That’s what you get for relying on a decade old pile of paper.

2.   Danny Williams’ attack on Hydro Quebec was a sign that his dream legacy project is screwed up royally, with little hope of ever being built no matter how long he stays in office

3.   The little hissy fit was a sign of his usual impulsive decision-making style. Williams was so pissed by Russell Wangersky’s column in the weekend Telegram that Williams had to stick a denial into his speech at the board of trade.

4.   Williams will use his hissy fit as the excuse when the re-write comes.  He’ll claim there is some sort of plot or conspiracy aimed at keeping the Lower Churchill project from being built, while the real reason the project is screwed up is because of the way it’s being run.  Williams is recycling excuses from decades ago but some people are ready to believe anything even after the government inked a deal in April that shows that Hydro Quebec can’t block the Pet Project.