24 September 2009

Can’t tell the candidate’s party without a score-card

Last time your humble e-scribbler checked, education was an exclusively provincial responsibility under the constitution.

Yes, the feds drop money into post-secondary education, but how it gets spent is a thing for provincial government authorities.

So if any order of government has to prepare young people for the future and a global, competitive economy, it would be the provincial government.

Research and development?

Both orders of government should be spending money on that.  The provincial should not be giving gigantic breaks to its buddies in the oil business.

So what exactly is Siobhan Coady doing calling on the federal government to deal with issues where the provincial government is apparently dropping the ball?

Apparently following the time honoured local political tradition of talking about things other than what your elected position deals with.

If you are running for school board, complain about the roads. If you are running for municipal government, complain about the hospitals, schools, and the provincial government in general.  If you are running for provincial office - blame Ottawa.

Or is it the other local tradition of talking about the need for more federal hand-outs to cover the bills for being more “independent”?  If that’s the case she has good company from at least one current politician and one wannabe.