17 September 2009


If the NTV/Telelink poll is correct, Doc O’Keefe will waltz back into the mayor’s job after this month’s municipal election and Ron Ellsworth can start campaigning for the provincial district of St. John’s North.

The poll puts O’Keefe support at 38% with Ron Ellsworth at 17%. Mark Wilson has one percent and 44% are reported as undecided. Bear in mind that Telelink doesn’t distort their numbers by reporting percentage of decideds. Of the 1,030 people they polled, only 17% backed Ellsworth.

Those numbers generally conform to the poll numbers tossed around in rumours since the middle of the summer that supposedly had O’Keefe ahead of Ellsworth by two to one.

Given the past voter turn-outs in St. John’s, you can probably consider that the final results will show that the undecideds actually won’t to vote at all.

In the deputy mayoral race, Shannie Duff leads Keith Coombs 36% to 28%.