22 September 2009

Just bear in mind…

the guy who is trying to explain health care decisions is the same guy who is clued out about a bunch of other things.

He’s also gotten himself in hot water over conflict of interest and briefing books and he even briefly turned up with one of the infamous rings from the House of Assembly scandal.

Last summer, as markets were tanking, then-business minister Paul Oram talked about a booming local economy.  In January, he was talking about bright the future will be but with no talk of any big financial problems at home.  Thankfully, the guy has finally wised up, or so it seems when it comes to the unsound state of the provincial government finances.

All that coupled with the inherent contradictions between what Paul Oram has been saying, what the Premier has said publicly,  and what the record shows might just make this health care crisis bleed all over the local political landscape well into the fall.

That Oram-fuelled health issue is on top of the other problems on both the Northern Peninsula and in central Newfoundland related to forestry that just won’t go away no matter how much money the provincial government has been willing to toss at the two areas.

Of course, now Oram and the talk of unsustainable spending built on oil makes it look like it is money government doesn’t have.

It may ell be one of the most interesting fall seasons in a long while in this province’s politics.