22 September 2009

Meeker gets behind the ad that is driving ‘em bonkers on The Hill

Geoff Meeker is back from vacation and is lighting things up at his Telegram blog, “Meeker on Media”.

The latest post is the text of an interview with the people behind a series of ads that are keeping political controversy alive in central Newfoundland.

“The reaction from the area MHA's has been disappointing to say the least,” said the spokesperson. “Clearly there are larger influences at work here. Susan Sullivan, whose light was shining so brightly (new MHA, cabinet appointment) has probably dashed her re-election hopes due to her inaction and complicity. Clayton Forsey and Ray Hunter have also placed themselves in jeopardy. Many say that Ray Hunter has achieved his goal of a two-term pension, so does not care either way (his record clearly speaks to this). Municipal officials have been even more inept – Mayor Rex Barnes and his council have failed to grasp the magnitude of this, and have, in fact, been shameless in praising the scraps falling from the provincial government table.”