27 September 2009

They came by bus and car…but did they bring diapers?

It’s one thing to protest openly again a government, especially the current one.

It’s another thing entirely when people are willing to burn gasoline to do it.

Flower’s Cove, the early report via voice of the cabinet minister:

People arrived in cars and by the bus loads to protest proposed cuts to lab and x-ray services at a rally on the Northern Peninsula over the weekend.  NDP Leader Lorraine Michael was at the rally in Flowers Cove yesterday.  She says the overall attitude of the people there was one of anger and betrayal.

Anger and betrayal?

Might that have something to do with Danny Williams comments the night of the 2001 by-election when said he would never forget the people of the region for voting Tory?

Might that be one of the reasons why Williams and his office are tossing every obstacle possible to prevent the release of the text of his speeches?

or could it be lines like this one, recounting the lighter moments of politics in June 2001:

And another voter who wanted change in the Northern Peninsula told me that politicians and diapers have something in common: they both have to be changed regularly, for the same reason.

Yessirreee, the crowd protested and burned precious gasoline to do it. 

That’s a sure sign people are unhappy with the government.

But if they brought huggies and pampers, then watch out.