03 September 2009

Convenient Craftiness?

Tory backbencher Wade Verge is pissed because he wasn’t told health services in his district were on the chopping block.

The Premier is dismissing Verge’s claim with a snort and a sneer.

But Premier Danny Williams said Verge needs to check his facts since he was briefed "some time ago" by the premier's chief of staff.

"I think now his explanation to us this morning is that he didn't understand that that's what it meant. Pfff. Anyway, for what it's worth, he's entitled to his opinion. … Obviously he has to act on the behalf on what he thinks are the best interests of his district," he said.

The chief of staff would be Brian Crawley.

So, that means the Premier is trusting the recollections of a guy who told Madam Justice Cameron that he was beset by a form of C.R.A.F.T  disease:  he can’t recall a friggin’ thing.