12 September 2009

From the rumour mill: municipal politics version

Stuff you hear around.

Could be real.

Could be something else.

You decide.

1. Win or lose – and more likely the latter than the former - Rompin’ Rip-Off Ronnie Ellsworth will ditch municipal politics to run in St. John’s North in the next provincial election. 

The guy has made no secret of his aggressive ambitions that go all the way to being the second Cable Guy to occupy the Eighth Floor.   Ever notice Ron’s love of words like “piece” and how he has tried to copy other aspects of his idol’s political approach?

Ronnie’s rapid rise – never more than 18 months in a political job  - fits perfectly with the timetable to replace  the geriatric Tory incumbent and then 18 months after that look to replace his political heartthrob.

2.  Win or lose  - again more likely the latter than the former - Keith Coombs will look to run in St. John’s West in the next provincial election when the geriatric Tory incumbent in that seat finally retires.