21 November 2010

Lower Churchill Opinion: the Battle of Shallow Valley

Helms Deep, it ain’t.

The struggle between the clicks overnight changed the results of the VOCM question of the day.

The VO computers have registered over 45,000 votes and the “No” side is back on top.


The Reform-based Conservative socks have evidently been busy, but not quite busy enough.

Don’t be surprised if they redouble their efforts after a night’s sleep, a case of Red Bull, a few hot pockets and some cold packs for their wrists. The Old Man would be mightily displeased if Gerry Phelan had to report a loss in so vital a test of political strength, especially during poll goosing month.

Updated:  verb tense corrected and a set of related links added.

Edward R. Murrow Flashback Update:  It’s like da blitz, b’ys.  As of 1300 hours local on Sunday, the QOTD is showing about 46,500 votes and the numbers are still running heavily for the “Hates It” forces.

At this rate, the “Loves It” crowd will have to push the total vote to over 100,000 to get the 70/30 split they drove for on Saturday.

That would be an all-time vote record and could well crash the VOCM system for only the second time in the history of the idiocy.

- srbp -



Peter said...

If sock puppets are voting yes, who are the valiant freedom fighters voting no? Or are they just socks of a different colour?

Edward Hollett said...

Why do presume there are value labels that need to be applied here, Peter?

Peter said...

Here's some Kreminology for you. It's the first big announcement since the Grits hired their new comm boss.

Edward Hollett said...

Sorry, Peter, but even a kremlinologist could not unravel the byzantine interaction of your biases and petty personal jealousies.

Wm. Murphy said...

.... unravel the byzantine interaction

all right then. That sounds like something you would read in the "streeter section" of the Telegram!

Btw, its a good question...who is actually voting "no"?

Edward Hollett said...


Is that the smell of paranoia or unwashed socks?

Wm. Murphy said...

Geez Ed...you should know by now that I don't wear socks...I am a flip flop type of guy.

You still haven't enlightened any of us on what you think of the "deal"

Come on Ed....tell us what you think. Do you support what you've seen so far??

Edward Hollett said...

There you have it, folks, a sock can wear sandals

Simon Lono said...


Rather than putting the onus on the negative, maybe you can tell us why to vote "yes"?

Wm. Murphy said...

I have no idea Simon...I do not vote in these types of polls

Maybe as the main person responsible for research concerning the premier, that you would like to weigh in on this issue?

Speaking of reserach...I guess you are busy these days seeing that your boss will be away from the office for a couple of weeks. Not to worry, she will be back in the saddle soon....chin up sport