27 November 2010

Traffic Check-up November 22 - 26

  1. Williams on his political future
  2. Introducing Premier Kathy Dunderdale
  3. Muskrat Falls = expensive power
  4. The political uses of talk radio
  5. Take from me this cup…
  6. No US market for Lower Churchill power: NL deputy premier
  7. Doubling electricity rates for the Lower Churchill:  then and now
  8. Lower Churchill opinion:  the End
  9. Blind, deaf, mute and no sense of smell
  10. Introducing Premier Dunderdale: patronage and the Public Tender Act

An exceptional week led to an exceptional switch around in the traffic patterns.  Interest in the Lower Churchill remains very high, although Danny Williams’ resignation created some interest in both your humble e-scribbler’s comments on this in the weeks leading up to his departure as well as interest in the current deputy premier.

Suitably, this week also marked the publication of an article that documented so much of what made Danny Williams’ persistent mythology.  At the same time, readers also got to follow a real-time example of exactly the sort of manipulation the academics are talking about and that Bond Papers introduced you to in 2006.

- srbp -