20 November 2010

Falling down on the job – Lower Churchill opinion

Not so very long ago, the Reform-based Conservative Party had an army who spent their time clicking madly to make that any question of the day on the VOCM website went the way the Premier would like.

It was all part of the machinery designed to maintain an illusion that the regime du jour is wildly popular. Incidentally, November is one of the four months of the year when the entire poll goosing apparatus usually goes into high gear.

How times have changed.

At 10:30 AM on Saturday, the VO question of the day results looked like this:


Only one third of the respondents – out of a hefty 7207 - like the Premier’s Lower Churchill deal. Almost half did not like it and, curiously enough, another 21% were not sure about it.

Not sure?

Perhaps someone is falling down on the job.

- srbp -