28 November 2010

A satirical look at the Old Man

In a placed where open confrontation is suppressed, humour sometimes takes a cutting edge.

Take a look at this post over at thescope.ca and give a listen to a mock traditional song about Danny Williams.

Sounds wonderful, right?

Then look at the lyrics:

Sure he’s as good as God,
He bought back all the cod,
Now the money’s flowin’ free,
There’s a dollar in it all for you and me.

I bought three new Skidoos but winter is dry and I got nowhere to go,
But I’m not worried cuz I knows next year Danny’s gonna bring back the snow.

Now he’ll take care a ya,
He invented Hibernia,
He lines our pockets with the nickel and oil,
Sure he even knows the fella from Republic of Doyle.

Then take a look at any piece in the conventional media the past couple of days  - local or mainland – and the realise that the people who wrote the equivalent of “He invented Hibernia” and “he brought back all the cod” weren’t making a joke.

- srbp -