30 November 2010

Newfoundland and Labrador Wikileaks References Decoded

labradore deciphers the references to Danny Williams in the coded diplomatic cables that someone leaked already.

Pretty boring, routine stuff.

Of course, that doesn’t mean there might not be other, much more interesting diplomatic cables that mention the Old Man:

  • Sino-Energy – a secret deal to share highly confidential information on the Lower Churchill and the north-eastern North American energy system, to a Chinese company with a dubious international reputation;
  • Captain Williams of the Ozone Patrol  - Danny goes ballistic over a missile that follows a routine trajectory over the north Atlantic.
  • Big Oil’s L’il Buddy – State would have noticed when Danny started batting oil companies around;  they would have really noticed when he decided to let them gain some serious control over the provincial government. 
  • And he hates being called Hugo  -  Danny Williams decides to snatch up a bunch of hydroelectric assets under the cover of something else.  Foggy Bottom took notice, big-time.
  • Heart Surgery – Yes, folks, lots of people took interest in that episode.

- srbp -

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