02 November 2010

The October Traffic - Horrorshow

14,113 visitors up from 12,500 the month before.

20,039 page views.

Despite the drop in air temperature, October was a hot month at Bond Papers.

You might be surprised at what all those people were reading.  Here are the Top 10 posts for the month,based on the number of visitors:

  1. Court docket now online
  2. Williams announces political exit plan
  3. Campaign Sign, Two
  4. Municipal affairs minister passes away after lengthy illness
  5. Campaign signs:  Outrage
  6. Best Political Blog in Canada! Right Here!
  7. The weight of office
  8. When the rubber meets the paper mill
  9. Jane Taber – Twit
  10. Air Canada, the Maple Leafs and Sucking

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