06 November 2010

The Traffic Report, November 1 - 5

No, folks, this is not a summary of Cecil Haire’s morning traffic reports on CBC Radio.

But something is going on all the same. Traffic in the past couple of weeks is up.  It’s currently running at 18% higher than the same time last month.

Here are the Top 10 stories, as determined by what people are reading:

  1. Thin-skinned or what? (Arguably the first time a one sentence post linked to an article on Sarah Palin hit the top of the chart in this corner of cyberspace.)
  2. Stop bullying
  3. Lower Churchill:  Tshaukesh leads quiet resistance to the Old Man’s dream
  4. Being negative
  5. Smart politics versus not smart politics
  6. Anger Management:  Conservative version
  7. Keith Coombs:  financial genius and Lower Churchill:  more potato, potato [tie]
  8. Rumours of his demise…
  9. Court docket now online and Williams announces political exit plan [tie]
  10. It gets better

- srbp -