21 November 2010

Crude at US$60 in 2011: forecast

Now there’s a thought sure to frighten the bejeebers out of any ruling political party headed toward an election and a leadership racket, planning on spending voters into a stupor along the way and knowing the oil production on which it depends for revenue is also on the downward slope.

It’s only one projection mind you. 

Capital Economics forecast that crude prices will head downward in 2011 as the Untied States economy recovers.

The National Post reported at the end of October:

Julian Jessop, analyst with the London-based firm, predicts the price of a barrel of oil will slide to US$60 a barrel by the end of 2011 as the U.S. dollar recovers and global demand disappoints. This would be the same level as prices in the first half of 2007, before oil went into a bubble that touched highs of almost US$150 a barrel in the summer of 2008.

Interesting thought, that.

Very interesting indeed.

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