30 November 2010

Fernando’s Farewell Tour

As Danny Williams gets ready to hand the reigns of power to his hand-picked successor, it is interesting to see tributes that flow in for all the things Danny Williams did for Newfoundland and Labrador:  prosperity, offshore oil money, Hebron, Lower Churchill, Voisey’s Bay and of course, his personal favourite:  pride.

News that Williams will make a final appearance on This Hour Has 22 Minutes  - long beyond its sell before date – prompted your humble e-scribbler to go back to another post that seems to encapsulate much of what Danny Williams has been about.

Government by Fernando” contains all the themes people have heard in the past few days about pride and seals plus a few other ideas that might resonate with you.

Then notice the date:  September 2006. 

More than four years ago.

Read it, in hindsight, and be amazed at how long he’s been pushing the same lines.

And how successful he’s been at it.

Oh yes:  and the House of Assembly is delayed this week to facilitate the publicity tour.

- srbp -