04 November 2010

Smart politics versus not-smart politics

In his battle against Reform-based Conservative Party leader Stephen Harper over Equalization, Reform-based Conservative Party leader Danny Williams didn’t have any political friends left.

Not surprisingly, Williams failed.

Ditto, the family Feud, known to some as the ABC campaign.

Senior political reporter and columnist Chantal Hebert made the point rather bluntly in her column in the Wednesday Toronto Star:

At the federal-provincial table, Williams is ultimately a loner.

You can see that very point as far back as October 2004. Remember the famous storm-out?  Well, let’s just say it had less to do with negotiations and more to do with a potential dressing down from other Premiers who had finally cottoned on to the federal transfer deal Williams was trying to finagle.

By contrast, though, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall just got Stephan Harper’s Conservatives to turn down a hostile take-over bid by BHP of Potash Corporation.

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Wm. Murphy said...

Seems to me you are suggesting that we put in 7 Conservative M.P.'s next time around....according to you this would elevate Danny's status from loner to player.

Btw Ed...I thought you wanted to debate? Why the silence?

Edward Hollett said...

You assume, as usual, and make a huge mistake in the process, as usual.

One of the things I've contended all along is that the erratic, attack on all fronts all the time, perpetually angry and pissed off approach is one that would prove counterproductive.

It turns people off.

It ignores the opportunities for success that require a different approach. (That assumes of course you actually have a clearly defined goal you are working toward).

In the long run it doesn't work.

Wm. Murphy said...

Thanks for setting the record straight Ed.

Speaking of records this is your response to my comment yesterday....

"So here's your challenge, sunshine:

"The fact of the matter is that the Premier has done a few good things..."

"Go ahead. Discuss them right here. Let's have a chat."

Well Ed, and for the benefit of those that never saw the exchange...I did in fact accept your challenge. I asked a number of times for you to respond to my answer....and what do you know...nadda, zilch, nothing.

By the way, I have lots of examples if you want to continue the "chat". Come to think of it you remind me of the kid that takes his stick and ball home after someone scores on him.
Be careful what you ask for Ed?

Edward Hollett said...

You might actually trying reading things before you make comments.