23 May 2005

Belinda Stronach Pictorial!

Bizarre things pop up when you google.

Like this Macleans photo slide show of Belinda Stronach from the Connie policy convention. Check it out here, under the title "On the trail of Belinda Stronach".

There's a striking picture of Belinda and Peter in which she is looking at him as he turns away. There really isn't much of a connection from his standpoint. His body language suggests he's already off to job two, although he is maintaining physical contact with his hand on hers. She, on the other hand, is looking at him as he goes, although there is something about that smile that makes me wonder.

My favourite shots are the ones of her hand (with a gorgeous ring), her pearl necklace and two shots of her shoes. They are favourites just because I can't figure out what in the heck the shooter is trying to show me - other than maybe his foot fetish.

Strange things turn up when you google.