12 May 2005

Who skipped the vote on crab? (Updated)

Did anyone else notice the Tories missing from the vote on the government's plan - the only vote that will come before the House on it?

Well, aside from the speaker and John Ottenheimer - absent due to illness - there were at least four missing from the government benches. NEW: After an e-mail from a reliable, non-partisan source who was in the House, I made some big errors in my quickie assessment. So I went back and double checked against Hansard. Here are the three names I came up with:

Missing :

Kathy Goudie
John Hickey
Dave Denine

I am curious to know where these three members were.

Even putting that aside, the funniest thing yesterday was Harvey the Imaginary Speaker declaring the motion "lost" as opposed to defeated.

It is customary to say something as simple as "The nays have it". Perhaps when you go to the CPA conference, Harv, you can take a course in "Mr. Speaker 101".

[reposted at 1900 hrs NDT with new information correcting previous comments]