26 May 2005

Lynda Calvert's hands

Yeah, I know it's a bizarre subject for a post but when you are in my business, the bizarre is normal sometimes.

Lynda is one of those TV reporters who doesn't routinely edit herself into her reports. We often don't get to see what she looks like. There doesn't seem to be any particular reason for it other than her personal preference.

During the national coverage of the Labrador by-election, Lynda got to do some live hits with whoever was hosting the news. You know the format: reporter stares into camera and gives a live comment on what is happening.

Well, every time Lynda was on air - looking very professional, smartly attired and giving some meaningful insights - I just couldn't stop noticing her hand movements.

They were jerky and a bit exaggerated.

I am not sure if they were the result of her being uncomfortable and nervous. Maybe she had just finished one of those training courses for on-air presentation and was introducing hand-movents into her presentation style.

Maybe it is just the way Lynda gestures when she speaks.

Whatever it was, it got very distracting.

and yes, I know. I need a life.