11 May 2005

Loyola Hearn: Pinocchiosis case zero

Alright, I take the words I use very seriously.

But when I hear Loyola Hearn on CBC Radio spouting nonsense about how a stand-alone offshore revenue bill would pass the House in a second while the current bill will take forever because it is "complicated", then I know we have found case zero in the spread of pinochiosis.

He is telling fibs, untruths, spreading falsehoods deliberately to bolster his political cause. He spews them faster and in greater numbers than any politician I have ever known.

Loyola knows full well that what he is saying is simply not true according to the processes of the House. A stand alone bill will take just as long if not longer than Bill C-43.

Then there's another one he just spit out about supposed problems finding Liberal candidates.

His Connies just closed calls for nominations with not even a single person coming forward.

Hearn's problem with Bill C-43 is that his leader and Peter Kent, their newest candidate oppose the offshore deals.

Hearn knows the money is doomed if Harper becomes prime minister, yet in the meantime, Loyola will say anything to advance his personal interests.

It is long past time for someone to rid us all of this corrupt member. His desire for power outstrips his commitment to integrity in relationships with his constituents.