03 May 2005

Don Martin: cartooning as news

Over at the National Lampoon today, their resident comedian..errr...reporter...errr...columnist Don Martin has adopted the Pinocchio theme to talk about the Prime Minister.

This is obviously another entry in Don's campaign to be a communications director for some future CPC cabinet minister.

Regular readers of these e-scribbles will recall that Don appeared in a less than flattering moment in CBC News Sunday's doc on the last days of the last federal election campaign. Don was a tad miffed in one memorable scene because he had to go back and re-write a column or news story in which he had become ecstatic at the newly-elected Harper majority government.

Don was miffed at the Canadian public who, for some strange reason, had decided to follow their own decision rather than conform to Don's time-saving efforts.

Ah, well, Don, here's a little test to see how well you can diagnose pinocchiosis:

Which federal party leader said he would go to the polls only if Canadians wanted it?

I'll help you out, Don. He wasn't a Liberal, New Democrat or BlocHead.

Don's namesake was much funnier and he knew how to dig deeper.