12 May 2005

Harper for PM!

Stephen Harper is proving or is intent on proving that the Official Opposition in concert with the Bloc Quebecois controls the House of Commons.

In keeping with parliamentary tradition, there is no reason to hold an election in a case where a minority government loses a vote of confidence.

Soooo, if the government loses the budget vote, Paul Martin should take a walk to Rideau Hall some day soon and before he tenders his resignation, offer the GG the advice that she should contact Mr. Harper to ask him to form a government.

How can he legitimately refuse having proven day in and day out that he controls the House?

I bet Harper's game theory dweebs never factored that one into their calculations.

Oh yeah, notice the savage rhetoric Harper is using. I just point it out since this is the guy who wants to be your leader.

Does Stephen Harper look and act like a prime minister?