04 May 2005

Grimey cameras

Maybe there is some irony in having the two defeated, terminal premiers of long party regimes (Tom "43 days" Rideout for the Tories and Roger Grimes for the Liberals) duking it out on the completely irrelevant issue of security cameras in government buildings.

At a time when the crab fishery is closed, crimes are being committed regularly and going unpunished by government, the best thing Roger Grimes can come up with is to ask questions about security cameras installed at the Confederation Building.

If ever there was evidence of an Opposition having nothing to say, this is it.

Where are the concrete suggestions on how to solve the crisis - other than government caving in?

Where are the observations about the long-term problems in the fishery?

Where is the concern about the House of Assembly, government building being trashed and confidential files being thrown about (let alone read)?

Where is the concern that government is condoning criminal activity with its inept handling of the protests? Hint. Hint. Hint.

Then to cap it all, Grimes makes a silly comment about Loyola Sullivan and provokes his ejection from the House for a day.

Roger, we have known each other a long time so I say this in all sincerity: either find something substantial for you and your caucus to say or just let the whole crab mess work itself out with the Opposition staying silent. The government is bumbling here, particularly Rideout in the past couple of days, so odds are high they will shag this whole thing up.

The camera thing is just making people roll their eyes in their head.

Oh yeah, and while we are at it, I have some words for Tom Rideout.

Cops can't install anything in your buildings without a court order or permission.

Stop bullshitting and pussyfooting.

Your comments yesterday sounded like someone desperate to be cute or clever without being either. You just sounded like Roger did: irrelevant.