16 May 2005

Norm Doyle: Connie talking points changed

Talk about holding two contradictory ideas in your head at the same time.

Norm Doyle told Peter Gullage of CBC Radio that if the budget passes the feds can't flow money right away to the province because of the lengthy process involved in passing federal legislation.

This contradicts the Connie talking point - up to now - that if the deal was done as separate legislation, the money could flow quickly.

Then, in another classic case of pot and kettle, Doyle accuses John Efford and others of "telling fibs".

As my daughter used to say when she first started talking: "Oh deeuh".

In the meantime, the Connies - for some bizarre reason - have been consistently avoiding the most obvious position.

"The Accord is a deal between two governments. Whether we implement the current agreement or replace it with a much better deal - the Harper Equalization changes - a Conservative government will deliver for the people of Newfoundland and Labrador.

I think they are avoiding because it simply isn't the Harper/Connie plan for the offshore deal.

Are Norm and Loyola telling lies? Nope. That assumes a level of malice I just won't say without proof. There is no proof and - contrary to what Connie partisans have been saying elsewhere - I think both Norm and Loyola are decent guys trying to do the best they can.

I think they are sticking to a line because that's all they have. They know some of the things they say aren't true, but Leader Harper just has his own ideas and his own agenda.

What a hideous place to be in for any politician, let alone the two guys who played up patriotism as a way to hammer away at federal Liberal politicians from this province.

Go look up the word petard and the associated quote about being hoist by one's own clever device.

I just keep thinking the real issue here will be how high will these two gentlemen be hoist, or worse, how big will be the hole into which they might fall at the polls.