20 July 2005

CNLOPB: the process

How odd to hear Danny Williams crapping on Robertson Surette, the head-hunters who have bene busily trying to find a chief executive for the offshore Board using a process Danny Williams first wanted but now wants to scuttle.

Rob Sur's local office is run by a former assistant treasury board secretary - one of the most senior public service position there is. The guy is accomplished and professional.

The whole selection process was driven by the provincial and federal governments. They set the criteria; they sat the interviews and developed the questions. Rob Sur's job is to keep the thing on an even and impartial keel.

But media people - you have consistently missed the main issues here:

- the process isn't finished.
- the process is supposed to be open and impartial, not the kind of personal fiat patronage Williams is trying to make it (Don't take my word for it read the Real Atlantic Accord).
- The Prem already has the power to negotiate whatever deal he wants on the offshore - he doesn't need Andy Wells.

What CNLOPB needs is someone who understands the oil industry, who is professional and capable of running the board.

The selection process is designed to find just such a person based on qualities both the feds and the province selected.

Let the process as described in the Accord work.

That's another way we get to be principal beneficiary of the offshore: we replace the political glad-handing of jobs and hire properly qualified people.