13 July 2005

Galway gets big thank you from Danny

It only took the better part of two years but Danny Williams finally rewarded Leslie Galway, formerly the president of the Newfoundland Ocean Industries Association (NOIA) with a new job as deputy minister of the Department of Business.

Galway beat out at least one other contender, a guy from Scotland with plenty of experience in business development.

Now that the announcement is made go back and take a look at a few posts on the Bond papers from February, like, Say "A take of two cities, Part Three" from February 20. There's also some stuff here and here and here.

My all-time fave, in light of today's announcement is the NOIA news release Leslie issued about the offshore revenue deal. While it is linked in one of those bits above, here's a direct line.

Note especially the last picture.

I still stick by the assessment back in February and April:

The giant full page add NOIA took out attacking Ottawa and all the Danny-sucking certainly didn't win NOIA any favours with the feds. It also displayed a real lack of understanding of the Atlantic Accord and NOIA members best interests.

Maybe it wasn't supposed to.