22 July 2005

Megapost for Monday/Get Smart Trivia instead

Since I am still trying to enjoy my vacation, I am putting off the Andy Wells megapost until Monday.

In the meantime, here's the answer to an old Get Smart trivia question I posed a while back, including a reference to the SAGE from back in April:

The question was about the link between Max, 99 and Newfoundland.

Here's the answer as posted to wouldyoubelieve.com:

Airdate: Saturday, March 1, 1969, 8:00 PM
Writers: Arne Sultan and Chris Hayward
Director: Jay Sandrich
Carl's Rating: ***

KAOS has been hijacking trucks filled with electronic equipment, so Max goes undercover as a truck driver. He promptly has his truck hijacked. Max can identify the hijacker, but the man he identifies was killed months before. That leads the Chief to suspect top scientist Dr. Eric Zharko of having perfected a machine to bring the dead back to life.

Max and 99 journey to a small island off the coast of Newfoundland to search for Dr. Zharko's lab in the island's caves. Unfortunately, Zharko finds them first and he attempts to place Max and 99 in suspended animation for five years.

Tom Poston, who was the original choice to play Max, appears in a great over-the-top performance as Dr. Zharko. "

Meanwhile, in current day Maine, a small ship disguised as a missile tracking vessel slips quietly out to sea. On board are agents of KAOS, the international organization of evil heading to re-activate Zharko's base.

Ludwig von Siegfried, KAOS vice president of public relations und terrorism (I swear that was his title) could not be reached for comment.