26 July 2005

His Excellency Paul Soles


To be honest I got this idea from one of the Liblogs but it was just such a flash of inspiration, I thought I'd make it your morning chuckle.

The serious stuff, like lampooning Loyola Hearn and Peter Mackay, DDS, will have to wait a bit.

Her Excellency the Governor General will soon be departing Rideau Hall.

The hunt is on for a replacement.

My pick is Paul Soles. Here's a link with a picture so you can see Paul has that Einstein thing going on.

Like Clarkson, Soles used to host Take 30, an afternoon chat show on the CEEB. At one point, Paul and Adrienne were co-hosts but she got the flick in favour of someone else.

Unlike Clarkson who became a bit of a social gadfly and pseudo-diplomat, Soles actually worked for a living.

He is an actor and since the 1950s has earned his living in everything from the old Wayne and Shuster Show (maybe it was funny in 1954 on the second go 'round) to Rocket Robin Hood and Spider-Man to This is the law. He also appeared in some other stuff, like moudly plays by some long-dead English guy. I think his name was Shakespeare.

Paul Soles.

Canadian Icon.

My nominee for Governor General.