19 July 2005

Delusions, delusions, delusions

Not much of a surprise here that old Peckford cabinet mates Bill Matthews and Norm Doyle would get into bed together on Andy Wells as head of the board regulating the offshore, as VOCM reports.

Doyle apparently thinks he landed the money in the recent offshore dispute; haven't seen the householder but someone has described it to me.

Ok. So Norm is delusional.

What else is new?

Now he thinks Andy Wells would be a great chairman for the Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board.


Fair enough.

But here's the problem and it is linked to Andy's little claim that he is the "official" nominee from the province for the job.

The nominee from either side hasn't been determined yet.

That's because both sides agreed to a simple process involving a selection run by one of the country's top head-hunting firms.

Apparently, Andy didn't apply.

Apparently, Andy didn't get approached by the head-hunters to apply.

So what is Andy Wells?

right now he is a guy the Prem is playing with for some reason.

At some point Danny will tell us, if the mood strikes him.

Maybe the Telegram could submit an access request to see if Karen Ryan has polled on this subject.

At least then we'd know the Prem was actually involved.

We'd hear the denials all the way up here in Kingston.