20 July 2005

Norm Doyle: oily untruth-meister spins more falsehoods

In an interview with CBC Radio's Geoff Gilhooley on 19 July, Norm Doyle told a story of being called by someone Norm identified as a lobbyist for the oil industry to make the claim that Andy Wells wasn't wanted by the industry as chair of the offshore board.

There are a couple of obvious pieces of nonsense in this entire Doyle interview:

1. Why the hell would anyone call Norm Doyle about anything to do with the offshore? He has NO influence over anything, let alone who sits on the offshore board.

I think Norm is telling a giant fib. A nose-puller. A falsehood.

A Gurmant Grewal.

Gee, likes that's the first time he's done that in recent months.

2. Doyle talks about having a strong chair as the solution for getting more from the offshore from the industry.

Norm has NO idea what he is talking about.

The Board doesn't do that job - Danny does.

3. The industry isn't the enemy here.

What Danny, Norm and da byes are up to is yet another example of misdirection.

They are picking a fight with the oil industry even though the oil industry has nothing to do with who runs the regulatory Board.


Not a sausage.

They want you to ignore Danny's efforts at political interference by getting angry at someone else.

4. Norm accuses the PM of having patronage on his mind.

Again, let's distract from an obvious case of political interference by accusing the feds of the very misdeed the province is doing.

The point is, Norm, - if you actually had a clue about anything - you know full well the process Danny is busily scuttling is designed to keep patronage out of appointments as well as keeping unqualified people out of key jobs.

Let the Accord work as it is supposed to work.

5. It will be Hibernia the Sequel: make-work and no royalties.

Underneath this all, with the way Danny and Norm talk, all I can hear is Brian Peckford talking about forcing the oil companies into building a gravity based structure for Hibernia.

Refineries. More benefits from oil.

We have heard the same sad song before.

The only people who pay for it are people like you and me.

We actually get less from the offshore than if we had not let political games trump the best interests of the province.

Now I want to know why Norm is joining Danny Williams in playing political games with the offshore.

Why is Norm Doyle telling yet more oily untruths?