13 July 2005

It must be a hoser thing

For those who want some entertainment, try flipping over to a blog run by a guy named Calgarygrit and take a look at his post on calls for Alberta independence.

I have no idea about the background of this Alberta-stan movement, but with the resurgence of independence...well, sovereignty...well, separatism...well sorta-good friends with sleep-over privileges...here in Newfoundland, it sure makes for some damned funny reading.

One of the big differences between here and there is that in Alberta someone actually has the guts to write a column advocating independence for Alberta-stan. Ok. That puts them ahead of us even though we have a newspaper called The Independent (hint, hint) with the pink,white and green on its masthead that I think, has voted for sending Ottawa an angry note saying we want more transfer payments but we don't want to call them transfer payments.

Ok, so they call them reparations.

Yet more Alice through the looking glass crapola like when the Prem was interviewed on CBC last October trying to explain why getting Equalization after we didn't qualify for Equalization really wasn't Equalization it would be fine because there was an agreement between Ottawa and St. John's that called it an Equalization offset and yes while I know it says Equalization offset I am going to cover up the word Equalization with my thumb here on this piece of paper so when you read it you will only see the word offset but never mind that because it is really just money that should actually be ours anyway and while it is actually like Equalization it isn't really that because...I have my thumb over it.

I'd link you back to the interview so you could see that I was quoting almost verbatim but hey, what's the point?


For hump-day, enjoy reading about the people in Alberta who want to create their own little paradise on the prairie.

Maybe we could hook up with them and be like India and Pakistan when they split up in 1947.

Canada would be like India.

The western guys could be West Alberta and we could be East Alberta.

Some of you can see where I am going with that.

For the others, just think: we would be getting rid of the long name we have right now.