15 July 2005


All I ever wanted.


Had to get away.


Not to be spent alone.

Ok, so that isn't the song everyone knows. So sue me.

As of 6:20 this morning (a day early and $600 extra thanks to Air Can-do-nada and the exemplary project planning skills of Halifax airport officials), my happy little family and I are off to a well-deserved vacation visiting my wife's parents in Kingston, ON.

For your not-quite-so-humble e-scribbler, it's the first official, feet-up break in a few years and I am looking forward to it.

Not as much as my seven-year old daughter, apparently, who told me bluntly this afternoon that vacations are no fun without Dad along. She wants to play cards (she plays a wicked game of Crazy Eights), go swimming and just hang out, and truthfully I can't think of a better way to spend some hot days in Kingston.

The in-laws have an in-ground pool which we will likely be living in, if the weather stays as hot as it has been lately.

Of course, I'll have access to a computer and my e-mail, but for the next week I'll be away from the blogosphere.

And loving it.