21 July 2005

Ubique - James Montgomery Doohan, 1920-2005

Pause a moment today and remember James Doohan, who passed away yesterday morning at his home in Washington state at the age of 85.

Best known and eulogised already as engineer Montgomery Scott on the original Star Trek series, Doohan was an established character actor and veteran of the Second World War.

As a young artillery officer with the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery, Doohan landed on Juno Beach, 6 June 1944. Doohan was wounded subsequently, losing a finger and reputedly being saved from a mortal chest wound by the swift action of a cigarette case.

Doohan became the embodiment of the artillery motto ubique, literally translated as everywhere, since his popularity as engineer Scott led him to appear just about everywhere. Try and find a news website without a mention of Doohan today.

Quo fas et gloria ducunt, Jimmy Doohan.

In your case, right and glory have hopefully led to a restful eternity.