10 August 2010

Offshore #oilspill review gets indefinite extension

A provincial government review of offshore oil spill response that was supposed to be done with 90 days will now have an indefinite extension.

The initial news release  - issued May 12 - said that the “consultant will meet with the Department of Natural Resources to develop a work plan to complete the scope of work within 90 days.”

That means that under the original deadline, the commissioner was supposed to hand in his report on August 12.

In a news release issued on August 9, natural resources minister Kathy Dunderdale said he would now have an extension.  She didn’t indicate the new deadline.

Dunderdale said the the extension came at the request of the commissioner. She did not say if the extension came as a result of the consultation that was supposed to happen three months ago in order to ensure the work was done by the original deadline or if it came more recently.

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Polling month update: This post was written based on the news release issued by the department on 09 Aug 10.

While Dunderdale didn’t think it was important enough to mention in the news release, both the Telegram and CBC are reporting that Dunderdale expects to receive the report in November.

November is the next polling month. How convenient.

But how firm is that deadline?


Wm. Murphy said...

November is the next polling month. How convenient.

Your paranoia shows no bounds Eddie. I can't believe that you think the release of Wells' report is tied to a polling month??
Not only is that assumption OTL, I am convinced that you will throw virtually anything out there without any bass of fact.

Btw, isn't that the same polls that you keep telling everyone how completely slanted and innacurrate they are?

Just checking on how things are with the Liberal District Associations? I hear there is a quite a push on to rebuild. Not to worry...you have 14 months and many more polling months before the next elections..things are looking up.

Don't sweat this Eddie because I realize that you don't comment on your Party. I am not expecting any response...just throwing it out there

Ed Hollett said...

So when do you go back to the doctor to see about your back?

Wm. Murphy said...

Again thanks for asking Eddie...seems like the pain in my back has shifted to my arse. It tends to do that when I read bullshit...funny thing isn't it!!

but then again... I seem to be getting by because the key to my success is the ability to adapt to those that spout off about bullshit.

Partcularly when people say that the release of Turner's (sorry Mr. Wells) provincial government review of offshore oil spill response, is tied to polling!!

Ed Hollett said...

You really must be a masochist then, too.

If your pain in the arse is aggravated by bullshit, you should stop writing so much of it. The pain would clear up in no time at all.

Wm. Murphy said...

Speaking of bullshit...I read that this report is tied to polling in November.
hahahahahaha..... oh my back!...., laughing really really hard, just threw my back out!

Ed Hollett said...

You might consider losing all that anger, too, especially so early in the morning. Imagine it must be really something to wake up and start the day with that kind of emotional pain coursing through your body.

Carrying all that rage around is gonna give you cardio problems.

Bad back.

Heart problems.

Not a good combo.

Ursula said...

Boys , boys , boys .....

Your behaviour is nothing short of neanderthal .