06 August 2010

Privatize NALCOR?

The head of the Newfoundland and Labrador First Party wants to turn Marine Atlantic over to the private sector:

“I say privatize it because it’s a government organization and it smacks of being government-run,” he said. “I think a lot of the problems they’re having sometimes deal with unions. ... Maybe a private operator will come in, get rid of the unions and get things back on an even keel. I think it’s a drastic step, but sometimes drastic measures are what’s needed.”

Makes you wonder how he’d feel about NALCOR, another Crown corporation that can’t seem to deliver on its commitments. The latest one is a 2007 commitment to clean up emissions from its thermal plant at Holyrood. 

According to NALCOR chief executive Ed Martin, he and his team are “aligned” on the issue  - shades of 2012 - but will take as much time as necessary to make a “quality decision”.

Someone should ask the people of Holyrood if they agree with Wayne Bennett.

- srbp -