04 August 2010

Ah, that explains everything…

The Old Man, quoted in the National Post, describes his own political party’s philosophy:

We have a Reform-based Conservative Party which is probably ideologically more right-wing.

More right wing than what he doesn’t say, but that’s not the key bit.

But here’s a question:  how many Progressive Conservatives in the province, the ones that like to put weight on the progressive side of the ledger, knew that in 2001  they started supporting a “Reform-based” Conservative Party?

And on what the Old Man calls the “other side”, he just talks about how much money he spends:  “We’ve doubled our health-care budget. We’ve put a lot of money into education.”

There it is, though, straight from the horse’s mouth: Newfoundland and Labrador is currently run by a  “Reform-based Conservative Party.”

That explains a lot of things.

- srbp -