10 August 2010

Disclosure and scheduling delay Vermont/Quebec hydro deal

A 25-year power purchase agreement between Hydro Quebec and Vermont is being held up because of HQ’s concerns about disclosure of sensitive commercial information,according to Vermont Public Radio.

HQ is reportedly concerned that some information, such as pricing, be held back from public disclosure when the deal goes to the state’s public service board for review and approval.

The deal involves the Vermont Energy Commission, which has already agreed to the terms, but other entities, like the Burlington city energy authority will also buy a small portion of the 225 megawatt purchase.  Burlington and other similar authorities will have to put the deal to a public vote.

“Simple logistics” is also reportedly still holding up the deal. Mid-summer proved to be a difficult time to ensure that politicians and state and provincial officials are all available at the same time when some of them would be taking vacations.

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