13 August 2010

A campaign against typos in the Untied States

Your humble e-scribbler* brought you links to the campaign against typos back when it happened in early 2008 all as a way of segueing into a riff on some local typographical errors.

Well, now the duo who traipsed around the United States of America armed with sharpies and a grammarians sensibility, are the proud authors of a book on their adventure.  The title is the Great Typo Hunt.

Typos are a scourge, as regular readers of this space know all too well.

Typos also manage to creep into federal grant applications:

Are their opportunities for the private sector to generate revenue by delivering ancillary services to the public?

Maybe there’s public cash available in this country to develop software that would check for typos.  There’s got to be provincial cash for something like that.

Such an innovative idea.


- srbp -

* corrected typo