08 August 2010

Telly Torque: fact checking edition

A Telegram story on local bloggers includes this statement of supposed fact:

Blogs have been discredited by mainstream media because their content generally doesn’t go through as rigorous an editing or fact-checking process as you’d see at an official news organization.  Theoretically, you can say anything, regardless of veracity, provided it isn’t legally problematic.

Funny thing is this statement is complete, total crap.

It is incorrect, inaccurate, non-factual and generally a false statement.

The Telegram writer doesn’t offer a shred of evidence to support it.  Of course, it’s the kind of ridiculous generalisation for which there is no evidence. It is not actually a fact but an opinion.

And, in case you missed the point, it is an opinion based on no known facts of any sort.

For all that, the comment made it into print after passing through a supposedly rigorous process of editing or fact-checking.at the Telegram, a reputedly official news organization.

Score another one for the mainstream.

- srbp -