13 August 2010

Finance department reveals low tech privacy shag up

An unidentified employee in the finance department mailed personal information on 78 applicants to the province’s heating subsidy program to an unidentified person outside the provincial government.

There’s no indication in a typical wordy government self-praise release what information actually went out in the envelope.  The release only tells the sort of information government collects for the program.  If the phantom recipient got all the information, it included: the applicant’s name as well as his or her spouse’s name, social insurance number, and “whether the amount of family income falls above or below a particular threshold level.”

The release also doesn’t say when the information originally went out, how long it was before officials in the the finance department figured out the mistake and who it was that got the information by mistake.

It only really tells you that the provincial government is serious about privacy and that they cleaned up the mess in their usual efficient way.

There’s no praise like self-praise.

- srbp -